Did you know? Aryan Khan and Arbaaz Merchant’s fathers, Shah Rukh Khan and Aslam Merchant share the same birthday! – Times of India

Aryan Khan and Arbaaz Merchant are best friends and the two have survived an ordeal together, too. But there’s more that binds the besties together. Believe it or not, Aryan’s and Arbaaz’s fathers share a birthday, too. Today is both Shah Rukh Khan as well as Aslam Merchant‘s birthday. While speaking to ETimes, Aslam says, “The first day that Arbaaz was back home, he was cuddled up to his mother. It’s a double celebration for us now and the best birthday gift I could ever get from Arbaaz was his presence in the house on my birthday”.

Aslam reveals that the best friends, Aryan and Arbaaz are not allowed to communicate with each other, as per their bail conditions. Aslam says, “It is tough for him but Arbaaz told me he will follow the system. He said, ‘Who wants to go back to hell? I will follow the court conditions religiously’. He is best friends with Aryan and will never do anything that will get him or Aryan into any kind of trouble. So they will stay away from each other.”

Arbaaz, who spent nearly 25 days in Arthur Road jail, has got a reality check on life, too. Aslam says, “He has learnt the real facts of life and the reality he saw inside the jail, the pitiful conditions of prisoners inside the cell. He has vowed never to come across any situation that may get him into trouble with the law.”

Arbaaz is a model and social media star. Talking about his future plans, Aslam says, “Right now I want to him relax and we will see what happens after he steps out of the house for the first time on November 5. My only concern is the media hounding him.”

Speaking of Aslam and SRK sharing a birthday, we ask if he’s sent the superstar a birthday wish. Aslam reveals, “I don’t interact with SRK and you should also know my son does not have a single photograph with Shah Rukh. That is kind of respect he has for the Khan family.”

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