Aaron Rodgers Got Homeopathic Treatment Instead of a Vaxx and Now He Has COVID

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Green Bay Packer, Jeopardy! enthusiast, and Disney adult Aaron Rodgers will be sitting out this Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs because he has tested positive for COVID-19. According to the NFL, Rodgers had previously sought a COVID-19 vaccination exemption because he “received homeopathic treatment from his personal doctor to raise his antibody levels.” He was denied this exemption because an infectious disease consult determined “that Rodgers’s treatment did not provide any documented protection from the coronavirus.” This is all a way of saying that yes, Rodgers appears to be unvaccinated.

In August, when Rodgers was asked at a press conference if he was vaccinated, his answer was that he is “immunized.” He also appears to have been flying separately from the rest of the team, which is a requirement for unvaccinated NFL players. In April, Rodgers hosted Jeopardy! for two weeks. He also went with his fiancée Shailene Woodley to Disney World, and the next month, they visited Hawaii. Was Woodley also unvaxxed all this time? Was she going full Woodley-mode? On the one hand, Woodley is currently filming a series with a mandatory vaccination policy, albeit one with a range of exemption allowances. Representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Also, in 2013, she told Flaunt magazine, “I make my own medicines; I don’t get those from doctors.” So.

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