Hanna Ending With Season 3

Prime Video is giving Hanna a well-deserved rest. The upcoming third season of the sci-fi thriller will also be its last.

Showrunner David Farr tells EW that a three-season run “was always the intention.” He always thought of Season 3 as “the third act” to wrap up the story. “I come from the theater originally, and I always have full act structure in my head to how a piece of drama plays out,” he says. “In this case, I felt that there was this very clear arc.”

So, what can fans expect from Hanna‘s third and final season? Executive producer Tom Coan recently fed TVLine this little nugget about Hanna (Esmé Creed-Miles) and Marissa’s (Mireille Enos) complicated relationship:

“The Hanna/Marissa relationship has grown into being an emotional centerpiece of the show and is definitely a crucial part of Season 3,” Coan said. “We saw how they went from being enemies to allies in Season 1. In season 2, as you correctly highlighted, their relationship very much evolved into a mother/daughter dynamic– a complicated and often uneasy relationship underpinned by a need for the other. The story in Season 3 takes the relationship to a deeper level. They start to see and understand each other better, much more eye-to-eye. A key part of that shift is tied to the secrets that are revealed from their past… you’ll have to tune in to see how it happens!”

All six episodes of Hanna‘s final season will drop together on Wednesday, Nov. 24.

TVLine’s Streaming TV Scorecard has been updated to reflect the end of Hanna. What are your hopes for the final season? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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