Joe Millionaire Revived With For Richer or Poorer Twist — Watch First Promo

Joe Millionaire is coming back to Fox, and he’s bringing his less-well-off pal with him.

The network is reviving its one-season reality show, TVLine has learned, but there’s a twist: This time, 20 the female contestants will vie for the affections of two men… one of whom is a millionaire and one of whom is an average Joe.

In 2003, Fox aired the original Joe Millionaire, in which bachelor Evan Marriott was touted as a millionaire looking for a bride. But Marriott’s wealth was a lie: He actually was a construction worker and sometime underwear model. He ended the season paired with contestant Zora Andrich, with whom he split the $1 million prize. The pair did not stay together.

The revamped For Richer or Poorer, per the official logline, “will feature two single men — one is a millionaire, and the other is an ‘average Joe’ with little to his name. Twenty women will date both of them, but they will have no idea which Joe is rich. As love connections are made and each guy finds his perfect match, the women must ask themselves what is more important… love or money?”

The revival will get underway in January 2022.

“This revival of Joe Millionaire represents a potent combination: one of the most innovative and popular dating shows of all time with SallyAnn Salsano, who ranks among the most fearless producers in the business,” Rob Wade, President, Alternative Entertainment & Specials, Fox Entertainment said via statement. “I’ve long admired Joe Millionaire for its daring premise, and since the moment I joined Fox, I’ve wanted to bring it back in the spotlight in a whole new way for both new viewers and fans of the original.”

Will you watch Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer? Press PLAY on the video above, then hit the comments to let us know!

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