PEN15 Sets December Date for Season 2B — Watch Trailer for New Episodes

The upcoming holiday season just got a little more awkward, courtesy of PEN15‘s return for Season 2B.

Hulu announced Wednesday that its coming-of-age dramedy will resume Season 2 on Friday, Dec. 3, with all seven remaining episodes releasing on that day.

The first half of PEN15‘s sophomore run, which dropped in September 2020, ended with Anna (Anna Konkle) learning that her father would be moving out of their house, and she’d have to decide with which of her divorcing parents she’d want to live. As teased in the new trailer embedded above, Season 2B will find Anna adjusting to a life that’s split between both parents’ houses, while both she and BFF Maya (Maya Erskine) navigate new romances with high school (!) boys.

Elsewhere in the promo, Maya longs to have a cell phone of her own, the girls attend a funeral together, and at the height of their preteen despair, they consider running away from home.

Back in August, PEN15 dropped a standalone animated special, which found Maya and Anna struggling with their self-esteem while on vacation in Florida. (Scroll through the embedded gallery to see where “Jacuzzi” lands on our ranking of TV’s animated one-off episodes.)

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