Queens: We Think We Might’ve Just Figured Out Who Jojo’s Dad Is

We’re only a few episodes into ABC’s Queens, but the big question on everyone’s minds is: who is Jojo’s (Precious Way) father? During the show’s premiere episode, we’re led to believe that Naomi (Brandy) doesn’t know who her daughter’s dad is, but that’s actually not the case. Naomi does, in fact, know who Jojo’s father is, she just never informed him that she was pregnant with Jojo. However, the truth is slowly starting to come to light and we have a couple theories as to who Jojo’s dad may be.

In episode two, all signs point to Naomi’s ex-boyfriend Cam (Cam’ron) being Jojo’s dad. When Cam unexpectedly crashes Naomi and Jojo’s lunch date, Naomi is taken aback. “I didn’t know you had a daughter,” Cam tells Naomi. At first, the whole thing just seems like two old friends catching up, but when Jojo puts in her complicated burger order and Cam ends up ordering the same thing, Naomi immediately becomes uneasy. We also later find out that Naomi and Cam slept together after she broke things off with Eric. Oh, and the episode ends with Cam pulling up to Naomi’s hotel wanting to know more about Naomi’s dad. Oof!

However, after episode three, it’s looking a lot like Eric (Taylor Sele) is Jojo’s dad, seeing as he and Naomi have history together. When Eric used to manage the Nasty B*tches back in the ’90s, he and Naomi were secretly dating. However, their relationship quickly ended once Eric got involved with Valeria (Nadine Velazquez), who had no reservations about going public with their relationship — or at least, it seemed that way. In the final moments of episode three, Eric is listening to one of Naomi’s old songs, in which she raps, “I’m playing house wit a man who ain’t my spouse / A life grows inside me, there isn’t any doubt / But we can’t tell the world ’cause his girl’ll prolly leave.” Does this mean Eric is Jojo’s father? Guess we’ll have to tune in and see.

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