Rajinikanth’s ‘Annaatthe’ will not be shown at Mumbai’s iconic Aurora theatre, owner says he’s in depression – Times of India

While the trade pundits are predicting that Rajinikanth’s next film ‘Annaatthe’ will get a bumper opening, Mumbai’s Aurora theatre that is known to be the best cinema hall to watch first-day first show of Rajinikanth films will be in total darkness on that day.

Nambi Rajan who is a huge Rajinikanth fan, has been showcasing all the superstar’s films for the last thirty years is at an emotional loss. He said, “It is not a financial loss but the emotional loss that is hurting me the most. And it’s because I cannot play Rajni sir’s film at my cinema hall.” He cites a few reasons for not being able to screen the film at Aurora. He said, “The big players have entered the distribution sector and therefore we missed a chance to distribute the film and secondly the 50 percent occupancy mandate by the Government would be of no use to our cinema hall nor for Rajni fans who come in large numbers to Aurora for every release.”

He also adds, “My theatre is a little damaged from the inside but had I got the distribution of the film I would’ve tried to manage. But now it is not possible and it is a very depressing feeling for me.”

ETimes suggested Nambi could speak to Rajinikanth about his problem. He gave a retort, “He is too big for me to disturb at this time. He has just returned from the hospital.”

Nambi Rajan has been inundated with requests of Rajinikanth fan clubs about the first-day first show of ‘Annaatthe’. He said, “I had to tell them to do the ritual somewhere else. I think they will be doing at IMAX theatre in Wadala now.”

Filmmaker Bejoy Nambiar too was keen on watching the film at Aurora. Speaking about it he said, “All the cinemas are recovering from the Covid implications and Nambi sir also is doing the same. I had a long chat with him about the status of the theatre and I am hoping he can restart that as soon as possible. We will be able to go there and watch movies like we used to. I would have loved to go and watch Rajni sir’s film at Aurora first day first show, too. I guess I will have to do that at the nearest multiplex now.”

Finally, the main reasons Nambi Rajan cites for Aurora failing to reopen on the release of a Rajinikanth film, is no support from the state government for single screens. He said, “We have been pleading the government to help us in terms of financials and waiving off of taxes like other states have done. Unfortunately that has not happened in Maharashtra.”

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