Roku Is Kicking Pornhub Off Its Platform

Roku — failing to learn the lessons of its predecessors Tumblr, Livejournal, and Onlyfans — is saying “No” to porn on its service. As part of a general removal of non-certified channels, Roku is closing a loophole that allowed Pornhub and other spicy channels on the platform. The Verge explained that this change stems from Roku introducing new tools for developers to make certified channels. As a consequence, non-certified channels have gotta go. “Roku says these changes are about aligning its platform with industry-standard approaches and development tools used by other companies,” they write. Besides Pornhub, this change could see Adult Time and Wicked yanked off (sorry) the platform as well.

Negotiating who is or is not allowed to host explicit content is a constant issue in 21st century life. Tumblr removed porn from its site and saw a mass exodus. Onlyfans thought about making the same move, but walked back from the precipice. Conversely, museums in Vienna have taken to using Onlyfans to host their explicit art. Yes, the Venus of Willendorf should only be viewed behind a 18+ paywall.

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