Will Smith Recalls Contemplating Killing His Dad Years After Childhood Trauma – E! Online

When Will’s father died, the actor’s ex-wife, Sheree Zampino, paid tribute to him on Instagram with a photo showing the actor with his dad and their son, Trey Smith, now 28.

Will, who is also dad to Jaden Smith, 23, and daughter Willow Smith, 21, with current wife Jada Pinkett Smith, has spoken before about seeing his father act violent toward Caroline. In 2020, on a Father’s Day episode of Jada’s Red Table Talk Facebook series, Will said, “I loved how my family was, but there were massive critical deficiencies in my father’s parenting that I wanted to correct.”

“There’s such beautiful qualities that he instilled that are a big part of what made me, me,” the actor continued. “And as the Yin to every Yang, I watched him beat up my mother. So the biggest emotional scar that I have in this lifetime, he delivered that also. He showed me a lot of things that I wanted to do, but he also showed me the things I would absolutely, positively never do to my children.”

“He was so smart, and then when he would get angry, he would turn into the dumbest person I’ve ever met,” Will continued. “As a kid, I couldn’t understand it, but all of his wisdom disappeared. As he got older, he had cancer, amongst other things…as he got feeble and frail, I could just see the little boy in there.”

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