30 of the Best Hallmark Christmas Movies That Are Sure to Make Spirits Bright

Listen, Hallmark is known for its plethora of movies, specifically Christmas movies. For years now, the iconic channel has been making made-for-TV movies that while all similar, still tell a variety of stories set in the holiday season. Whether it’s a widow who moves to a small town and finds love again or a single dad who falls in love with a new woman in town, there’s definitely a Hallmark Christmas movie with a warm and fuzzy story.

These movies are cheesy and often cliche, but that’s what we love about the festive films in the first place. The holidays are all about joy and love and light, and these movies highlight all of the best parts of people and their stories. They’re escapism at its finest, and for that we love them.

Fortunately for Hallmark fans, the network has branched out in recent years to feature slightly more realistic stories and people in its movies, injecting some realness that’s relatable among all the fluff. Doing so actually makes these movies more appealing, because if there’s one thing you can count on with a Hallmark Christmas movie, it’s that it’ll have a happy ending. And seeing someone with a story you can relate to find their happy ending gives viewers that burst of hope they might have needed.

So grab your favorite Christmas cocktail, your go-to Christmas cookies and buckle in for a Hallmark Christmas movie marathon. It may take you several days to make it through all 30 of these movies, but trust us when we tell you that it’ll be well worth it. Once you’ve finished with these, switch over to these Christmas movies on Netflix to round out your holiday viewing. It’s the best way to insert plenty of holly jolly cheer into your life this Christmas season.

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