Dev as ‘Raghu Dakat’, Dhrubo Banerjee wants to capture the culture and heritage of 19th century Bengal – Times of India

The content of his last three films has made it clear that Dhrubo Banerjee loves to make films based on historical background. In fact, he himself has said that in so many interviews. Now, after the grand success of ‘Golondaaj’, the critically acclaimed filmmaker is ready with his next, again based on Bengali folklore with a historical background – Raghu Dakat. After delivering a powerful performance in ‘Golondaaj’, Dev will again play the titular role in this film.

We all have heard about the famous Kali Puja of Hoogly district. It’s more popularly called ‘Raghu Dakater Pujo’ and according to the Bengali folklore, Raghu Dakat was worshiped as the Robin Hood of Bengal almost 200 years ago. However, Dhrubo says the story of his film is original and written by himself.

“The stories we have heard on Raghu Dakat since our childhood are partly true and partly fictional. I did a lot of research on it. For me, not just the character but timeframe is more important. We would get to see the 19
th century Bengal in the film. I have always been fascinated about Bengal’s culture and heritage and through films or story, I want to show our next generation the treasure trove our culture and history have in store,” shares the director.

The ‘Durgeshgorer Guptodhan’ director also believes that to save Bengali cinema we need something which will attract the audience to come to theatres with their families. “Kids love superhero characters. So, I guess they will love Raghu Dakat. On the other hand, this story will also make us nostalgic,” says Dhrubo whose first two films ‘Guptodhaner Sandhane’ and ‘Durgeshgorer Guptodhan’ had a major historical part in the narrative.

His pairing with Dev is a hit, that’s what ‘Golondaaj’ has proved. Is it the same reason he cast dev as the lead in his next? “No, Dev was in mind when I was developing the story and I think without him this film on Raghu Dakat won’t be possible. No one else can play the character with such fineness,” said the director.

As we have seen in the first-look poster, Dev’s new look as Raghu Dakat might surprise everyone. Dev is currently in Iceland for a much-needed vacation. Once he returns there will be experimentations with his look. If all goes according to plan, the shoot will start early next year.

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