Dorian Electra Unleashes a Gay Furry Army in New Music Video


If you wanted to build an army with the most powerful soldiers, would your first thought be furries? Furries wear thick fursuits during the summer, demonstrating their resilience in tough conditions. And not to mention all of the criticism they get from everyday folks. Dorian Electra’s newest music video, “My Agenda,” debuts their fursona and their army in a colorful, anime-inspired world. Inspired by an Alex Jones quote that falsely claimed that the government is putting chemicals in the water that’s making frogs gay, Electra created a world where this conspiracy theory became a reality, a new world full of furries and gay frogs. The video includes stills of Electra and their furry friends in anime-style drawings as the government unleashes gay frogs from the sky. A giant Pepe the frog, whose image was hijacked by the alt-right, becomes larger than life and performs popular Tik Tok dances as he destroys the city.

Please note the strobe light warning on the video.

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