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Satish Kaushik has spent decades juggling between multiple roles as an actor, director, producer, writer and more. Having made a mark earlier this year with his directorial ‘Kaagaz’ that featured Pankaj Tripathi in a lead role, Kaushik is not set to surprise with an all new project and talent.

Last year, Satish Kaushik used his time in lockdown at home to turn into a singer and in a self-shot video, he released the quirky and cute single ‘When Life Gives You A Banana’. His fans just enjoyed the quirky lyrics and viewers were able to appreciate the fun and creative side of Kaushik in tumultuous times of COVID.

A few days ago, he shared the poster of his new song ‘Chatarr Patarr’ on Instagram, promising that it’s the next offering in his series of quirky, sweet and slice-of-life songs. The new track released on YouTube a few days ago and it has been getting a positive feedback for its zany lyrics and exotic locales.

Sung by Satish Kaushik himself, ‘Chatarr Patarr’ is produced by Nishant Kaushik and Vikas Malu, with music and lyrics given by Rashmi Virag. Speaking about his new song, Kaushik said, “Music has always been a strong pillar of all my films with melodies and lyrics that connect with the common man. Today the landscape of music is changing rapidly and independent artists are making their mark with Bollywood music and the independent revolution coexisting in the same ecosystem.”

Keeping that thought in mind, Satish Kaushik wants to give independent and amateur artistes a platform to showcase their talent and creativity. Which is why he’s set up a platform called Satish Kaushik Music and he encourages young people to take risks and create new art. He adds, “One can develop any musical content that they believe needs to be heard. Be it a song about your first bike ride or a song talking about how your failures made you strong, your creation will find a space.”

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