Watching Adele Break Character in Her “Easy on Me” Blooper Reel Is a Damn Delight

It may only be Nov. 4, but Adele already made my entire freakin’ month. Exactly three weeks after releasing the music video for her somber single “Easy on Me,” the 33-year-old singer surprised fans with a behind-the-scenes blooper reel, and seeing her break character is such a damn delight. While filming on set, Adele attempted to hold back laughter as she dealt with some tricky conditions, including a finicky cassette player that kept spitting the cassette back out and a very powerful wind machine that blew rogue pieces of paper directly into her face. Watch the entire reel above to enjoy nearly two straight minutes of the songwriter being her angelic, endearing self, and then catch up on everything we know about her forthcoming 30 album so far.

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