Whitney Port Reveals She’s Expecting Another Baby But Her Pregnancy Is ‘Touch and Go’ – E! Online

Whitney Port has some baby news for fans.

The 36-year-old reality star and podcaster, who already shares 4-year-old son Sonny with husband Tim Rosenman, announced that she is pregnant and expecting again during the Nov. 3 installment of her popular “Reacting to The Hills” series on her YouTube channel. She and Rosenman explained in the 36-minute video’s description that they were “emotional” during filming because they had just received troubling news about the pregnancy, but had since had another doctor’s appointment and they “heard the heartbeat and saw an embryo, to everyone’s surprise.”

In the video, Port—who previously suffered two miscarriages and a chemical pregnancy—told viewers that she had been feeling “frazzled and overwhelmed” lately over the situation. At the time, Port said she was seven weeks along but her doctor recently informed her that her latest pregnancy may likely be “another unhealthy” one.

As a tearful Port explained, “It’s such a huge part of our lives right now and it affects everything, like physically and mentally and everything that we do, and so it just felt like an opportunity to just share it because I couldn’t just sit here and go on with my life and not share it.”

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