Why Kit Harington Hopes His Son Appreciates His Raunchy Game of Thrones Scenes One Day – E! Online

Justin had a similar thought on Daily Pop, asking the actor if and how he’s ever going to show the series to his nine-month-old son when he’s older. 

According to Harington, he’ll tell him something along the lines of, “Look, I mean, you can just be thankful that it happened because otherwise you wouldn’t be here.”

“So that will be it,” he added with a smile. “I’ll be like, ‘You don’t like watching it? Well, tough luck.'”

Thankfully, the actor has a long way to go before that conversation happens. For now, he’s just enjoying bonding with his and Leslie’s little one. 

“I’m going through something at the moment which is that I spend weeks prior to coming out here sort of, you know, feeding him, pampering him, looking after him,” Harington explained. “And then I go to get on a flight, come here, and now I’m looked after and being pampered. So I’m living the dream right now!”

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