28 “Nice Guys” Who Turned Out To Be Not So Nice After Being Rejected

If you have somehow never heard of a Nice Guy, allow me to define one for you. First of all, they must consider themselves to be nice. Second, they must feel entitled to romantic attention, whether it be male or female. And third, they turn manipulative, toxic, or straight-up really mean once rejected.

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It’s a pretty horrifying reality that many people — especially women — deal with, and it’s come to my attention recently that some people are not quite aware of just how horrible Nice Guys can really be.

In case you’ve never experienced this — or have many times and would like to be seething with rage — here are 28 Nice Guys who truly give men a bad name.

🚨WARNING: Many of these texts contain violent and racist language and threats of sexual assault. Please read at your own risk.🚨

Well, that escalated quickly.

This whole exchange is a doozy (and a GREAT example of the whole “putting your own self-esteem issues on a person who has rejected you rather than actually working on yourself” thing).

It’s a bit long, so I’ll show you some highlights.

Like…write this in your diary.

Nice Guys are a plague for other men, too. This guy literally knew this person for a week and sent him this.

“I’ve been here for you through everything” — it’s literally been a week??

Oh, and did I mention this was in a group chat? Tag yourself; I’m the bro piping in to say, “That’s fucked up.”

This guy dated this woman for two weeks and had the nerve to say this when she got a new boyfriend.

And then he brought in some racism because at that point, why not?

I just love when you don’t respond to a stranger and he goes from kind to “Go fuck yourself.”

Since it can be hard at the very beginning to tell if a guy is actually nice or if he’s a Nice Guy™, it’s always cool when they self-eliminate by showing their true colors before you’ve even rejected them!

Things went from bad to worse…

…and then he STILL asked if he had a chance.

This guy literally rejected himself after the other person wasn’t able to respond for 20 minutes.

And then still tried to make it work while also having major sad pick-me energy.

This guy also rejected himself because a girl didn’t reply to a dating app message all day…and then proved to her that she’d dodged a massive bullet.

He then seemed to double back and possibly head toward an apology…only to do a major U-turn…

…and then leave the interaction with this message.

This guy realllyyyy couldn’t deal with not getting a reply, either. I can’t imagine he’s doing well in the job market.

This man pulled a 180 REAL fast. Like, in a day.

This person was just being straight up with the guy she’d been talking to for a week and hadn’t even met in person yet, and got told to “get in shape.”

This guy went on the CLASSIC Nice Guy™ rant. It’s almost textbook.

This guy decided to ask for nudes “as a friend” despite the fact that the person had already politely declined and rejected him.

This guy told a girl he was undressing her with his eyes, then backtracked.

And then when the girl called it “off-putting,” he said it was a “joke.”

This guy also played off his aggression as a joke.

The whole “Thought something was off when you … didn’t even include a kiss at the end of your message” — lord.

This guy got upset that a girl didn’t want to meet him alone at his house, and said he hoped she’d let a friend know where she was.

And then he got mad when she was a little uncomfortable with him pressuring her to meet him alone.

This guy was nice enough to break into his cousin’s computer, get the number of a girl with a boyfriend, then harass her.

This girl missed out big time on a novel-writing, instrument-playing neuroscientist.

I don’t usually feel qualified to speak for all women…but here I think I can say with confidence that we all would rather eat guacamole.

This guy tricked a girl into talking to him by suggesting he’d hire her for a gig, then tried to turn a professional interaction romantic, then went off the deep end when he was politely refused.

Pro tip to all men: Tell a girl she sounds like a cat you’d like to euthanize!

This guy tried to act as if he was looking out for this girl’s boyfriend.

This “friend” turned threatening very quickly.

This guy pulled so many reverse Uno cards, I’m surprised he has any cards left to play.

This Nice Guy took his friend’s boyfriend’s death as an opportunity to swoop in.

And finally, this guy got utterly exposed for saying a girl was “gatekeeping pussy” but not sending nudes.

Be safe out there, everyone. These cockroaches are everywhere.

H/T: r/niceguys.

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