Everything to Know About Your New Fave Rom-Com Leading Man, Jimmy O. Yang

Jimmy O. Yang makes the perfect love interest in the upcoming Netflix romantic comedy Love Hard, premiering Nov. 5. In Love Hard, Yang plays Josh, a character who’s been catfishing Nina Dobrev’s character, Natalie Bauer, on a dating app. When she travels from LA to surprise her East Coast online lover for the holidays, she finds the person behind Josh’s profile doesn’t look anything like the man she saw on the app. Turns out, he was using the photo of his childhood friend Tag. As Natalie tries to get the real Tag to notice her with Josh’s help, she ends up getting to know the real Josh, too, in a touching movie that we know we’ll be watching again and again.

Much like his lovable character, Yang is a man who knows how to make people laugh, all while working to combat Asian stereotypes and make his adorable pug, Toffee, go viral at the same time. Other roles you may recognize Yang from include Jian-Yang on HBO’s Silicon Valley, Bernard Tai in Crazy Rich Asians, Dr. Chan Kaifang in Space Force, and Dun Meng in Patriots Day. Upcoming projects include Me Time, starring Mark Wahlberg, Kevin Hart, and Regina Hall, and Easter Sunday alongside Tia Carrere, Carly Pope, Lou Diamond Phillips, Tiffany Haddish, and Eugene Cordero. If you want to learn more about this talented 34-year-old actor, comedian, and writer, keep reading for some facts about him.

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