Legacies Recap: Who Didn’t Survive the ‘Final’ Battle With Malivore?

It isn’t very often that you can say you’ve anticipated an episode of television for seven years. Then again, when’s the last time you witnessed someone go full tribrid?

Thursday’s Legacies, appropriately titled “See You On the Other Side,” picked up with Hope Mikaelson walking — er, make that swimming — the line between life and death. And which familiar face should she encounter in the hereafter? Why, none other than friggin’ Ted, the artist formerly known as the Necromancer.

Still unsure whether she should return to the land of the living or retire to Peace, Hope asked her old frenemy if he was telling the truth about her family not finding Peace until she does. He basically gave her a shrug-moji, explaining that he doesn’t remember much from his gross-faced days. Still, a decision had to be made. “If my father, mother or uncle pass by, tell them not to wait for me,” Hope announced before diving into the murky waters.

While Hope was busy battling her inner demons, the external world was absolutely falling to pieces. Very quickly. Alaric did his best to patrol the streets of Mystic Falls, going full Rick Grimes on a legion of possessed townies, but he barely made it out alive. So he definitely wasn’t ready for Round 2 against a dragon-powered Kaleb, who promised not to absorb Alaric after killing him so that everyone would remember what a failure he was. (Gee, thanks!) Fortunately, Hope’s timing is as impeccable as her top knots; she managed to come back to life and arrive just in time to put Kaleb down.

That’s when things got epic. Under a blood red sky, complete with lightning for dramatic effect, Hope fed on Alaric and fully transitioned into a hybrid. Landivore thought he could saunter in and take her out, but from the moment Hope stared him down with those cold yellow eyes, the fight was clearly over. As expected, Hope did all three of her species proud, beating Landivore into a felt-skinned pulp until he ran screaming.

Hope was fully prepared to stab Landivore with a sword made out of her own blood (classic Hope!), but right before the blow was struck, Landon regained control of his body and stopped the tribrid dead in her tracks. Make no mistake, though, this was still goodbye. “We both know you have to kill me,” he told her, as they both agreed to stop fighting their destinies. With one last kiss and one last stab, Hope sent her boyfriend into the afterlife — and his father into oblivion. It’s unclear what the future holds for ol’ Landon, but as Ted pointed out when they reunited on the docks, “We’ve figured our way out of worse.”

Unfortunately, Hope soon realized that she was nowhere near ready to kill her boyfriend and become the most powerful being in the world all in the same afternoon. So she did what any Mystic Falls resident would do after transitioning: She slapped on a leather jacket, flipped off her humanity, and left Alaric bleeding out in the town square as a message for anyone who dares try to “rescue” her. Acts of violence don’t usually leave us feeling nostalgic, but here we are.

Also worth discussing…

* Hope wasn’t the only character who underwent a significant transition this week. A possessed Ethan found himself on death’s door after Lizzie intervened in his scuffle with MG, but the two worked together to supernaturally jolt him back to life. This well-intentioned act apparently turned him into a magical being, one that can teleport and loves beer. Additional powers TBD. This whole experience helped Lizzie and MG to realize that they finally both feel the same way about each other at the same time (at last!), but with Ethan still very much around, it looks like we’re in for another classic CW love triangle between a witch, a vampire and… whatever Ethan is.

* For her part in the fight against Malivore, Josie was once again seduced by the allure of black magic, a flirtation that (oops!) turned her back into Dark Josie. But unlike the last time Josie’s alter ego showed her veiny face at the Salvatore School, she’s now in a stable relationship with Finch, who vowed to help her girlfriend overcome the darkness. “I’ll love your dark side for you,” Finch said before kissing Josie back to her former self. Cue the magical fireworks. Cue the wolf-y sex stuff. Cue all of it.

* Josie’s second attempt at rescuing Cleo proved far more successful, pulling her out of Malivore’s hellscape just as it burned around her. And no one was happier to see Cleo back on campus than Kaleb, though we hope his new powers don’t cause any trouble on their first date. (Upon awakening from Malivore’s compulsion, Kaleb discovered that he’s now part-vampire, part… dragon.)

Your thoughts on this week’s game-changing episode? And how excited are you for Rebekah’s arrival next week? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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