NCB: Sameer Wankhede will continue to assist in the investigation of the Aryan Khan case -Exclusive! – Times of India

An official from the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has revealed that Sameer Wankhede is very much part of the Aryan Khan case. The senior official spoke to ETimes on condition of anonymity and said, “The SIT formed in these six cases will only help Wankhede and team investigate these cases even better.”

The official said that there is a certain section that has been excited about the rumoured exit but Wankhede is not going anywhere and he will continue to work on the case. The official added, “Sameer Wankhede and his Mumbai Zonal team will work with the SIT in the Aryan Khan and other five cases including Samir Khan and Armaan Kohli case.”

The Deputy Director-General of Operations of NCB Sanjay Singh has said in the press note, “No officer has been removed from the present roles and will continue to assist the operations branch investigation as required until any specific orders are issued to the contrary.” The officer further added, “It is quite clear that Sameer Wankhede continues to be in the same role and will be assisting the SIT. The two teams together will be able to investigate these cases even better.”

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