24 Absolutely Wild Things People Were Actually Asked To Do By Their Terrible Bosses


“The lady I temporarily worked for as a secretary/assistant owned a film company and asked me to put all of their family photos (like, hundreds of 4x6s) into 20 photo albums and try to figure out the chronological order myself … by comparing hair length over time, the ages of her kids and grandkids and other family members, the clouds in the sky, and any watch on a person’s wrist or clock on the walls in the photos.”

“She then looked at me like Meryl Streep and said, ‘I’ll be back around dinnertime, so I hope you can stay until this is done…it shouldn’t be too hard, right?’ The photos, by the way, were her family’s summer trips to their personal island that they owned. I was out of there before she got back, and probably did half of one of the albums. I left her a nice note and called the agency I worked for and quit, saying I had a death in the family. (I actually felt like I had died and woken up on another planet.) I wondered later if I was on Candid Camera.”


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