I’m Afraid Simu Liu’s Superhero Taste Buds Are No Match For the Hot Wings of Death Challenge

There are a lot of brave souls who step up to the spicy wings of death challenge on Hot Ones. This week, Simu Liu tried his damnedest to rise to the occasion on the YouTube series, but unfortunately for the Marvel superhero, those dastardly hot sauces all but managed to obliterate his taste buds.

During his episode, the Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings star put up a good fight while discussing his fear of getting typecast in Hollywood and how he finessed his way into becoming an Abercrombie & Fitch model. But the first sign of defeat came when Simu got a taste of the Da Bomb Beyond Insanity sauce. “It’s like getting your heart broken for the first time,” he said, while host Sean Evans finished his sentence saying, “You think you’ll never get out of it.” “And then you just kind of stay with it,” Simu continued. “Find yourself a nice friend who’ll support you through it. And then one day you wake up and you’re like, ‘Hey, doesn’t hurt as much.'”

Considering the interview is 26 minutes long, it’s kind of impressive Simu lasted as long as he did. Despite a few moments of weakness, he still *somehow* finished the challenge and left us with some wise parting words: “Follow your dreams, persevere through adversity, and when life gives you the tenth wing with a dab, you take that dab and you finish the whole damn wing.” Watch Simu hilariously take on a slew of spicy hot wings in his Hot Ones video above.

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