Chicago P.D. Boss Teases ‘Exciting’ Burgess and Ruzek Episodes — Plus, More Atwater and Celeste Ahead

Good news Chicago P.D. fam: When the Dick Wolf drama returns on Wednesday, Jan. 5, expect to see more of Ruzek and Burgess’ unique family situation at play.

“We’ve got some really exciting Burgess/Ruzek episodes coming up,” showrunner Gwen Sigan tells TVLine.

“They’re in such an interesting, complicated place — they’re a makeshift family, currently platonic but there’s always that chemistry there. It’s a unique relationship with no clear boundaries,” adds the EP. “The second section of this season really explores that territory. Do they need clear boundaries? Can this family function how they want it to? What does it all mean for Makayla?”

Speaking of love, new episodes will also revisit Atwater’s relationship with Celeste and how lying about being a cop affects him as they grow closer. As you’ll recall, the pair connected in the Oct. 20 episode, and Atwater tried to come clean about his job before ultimately caving. The second half of the season finds him “falling for this girl, yet she doesn’t know the real him. It’s an interesting look at Atwater’s identity and how he defines himself,” according to the P.D. boss.

Between Atwater’s blossoming romance with Celeste, Halstead and Upton secretly tying the knot, and Burgess and Ruzek’s unique situation, the idea of home and family remains an important thread of Season 9. As P.D. delves deeper into the story, Sigan says it will continue to explore “what people are willing to do to protect their ideas of home, what one does when ‘family and home’ are ripped from them, and how change can come when your home changes.”

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