‘Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul’s Filmmakers & Stars Regina Hall & Sterling K. Brown On New Approaches – Sundance Studio

“Being someone who grew up in the Black church, who has an affinity, and love and also a critique, there was an opportunity to show love and also say is the status quo something that needs to be reexamined?” says Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul star Sterling K. Brown of the Adamma Ebo directed and Adanne Ebo produced satire.

“The way in which we deal with the LGBTQ community, the way in which we deal with prosperity preaching,” the Emmy winner added of what attracted him to the virtual Sundance debuting Regina Hall co-starrer. “Is this something we should accept as is or is it okay for us to take a more fine-tooth comb approach and look at it and say maybe some of these things are up for discussion and or change?” Brown added.

“I read it and I hadn’t really seen that world explored through that lens,” states Hall of what drew her to Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul as an actor and producer. “I thought it was smart, I thought it was funny,” Hall added, knowing a fair amount about both traits as her past credits make clear.

The This Is Us and Black Monday stars were speaking at virtual Deadline Sundance Studio – as you can see in the video above. Brown and Hall were joined remotely by the Ebo twins as everyone prepared for the first screening of the film. this past weekend.

Premiering at SFF as part of the Satellite Screen program, the Atlanta-set Honk For Jesus. Save Our Soul features Hall and Brown as a Southern Baptist megachurch power couple who are trying to rebuild their flock and their marriage after a sex scandal shatters both. To that end, the feature penned and helmed by Adamma Ebo, from a 2018 short of the same name, utilizes a faux documentary technique to show the potential redemption film within a film.

“I wanted to go for the faux documentary technique because I was really interested in this idea of what is true and what’s not true and the lines the can be blurred in-between,” says the director. “One of the biggest challenges was making sure that each style flowed into the other seamlessly so it didn’t feel like a bunch of different movies in one, unsatisfying so,” Ebo declares.

While this is the Ebos feature’s Sundance premiere, it is not the first time the twins have been in the Park City business, so to say.

The Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul script was selected for the 2019 Sundance Screenwriting Intensive, as well as the 2019 Hit List. Additionally, Oscar winner Daniel Kaluuya produces through his 59% banner with Rowan Riley and Amandla Crichlow, alongside Adanne Ebo and Kara Durrett. UTA Independent Film Group, CAA Media Finance and ICM Partners arranged for the film’s financing by Pinky Promise, and they are co-representing its domestic distribution rights.

Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul screens online tomorrow at 7 AM PST. In the meantime, watch the video above of our conversation.

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