On ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ He Talks About Monopoly And Eastern European Politics

On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, the host discusses the rising tension happening in eastern Europe. 

According to the host, Russian has placed troops at the Ukraine border and “President Biden weighs deploying thousands of troops to Eastern Europe and the Baltics–that headline reads way too much like a game of RISK,” the host said. 

He continued with some board game references that everyone hopefully recognizes, “Let’s have some headlines that sound like we’re playing a nicer board game like Hippo hunger remains insatiable, or New York City’s biggest landlord: this thimble.”

He mentions the countries that are aiding Ukraine with weapons, and an important detail sticks out enough to make a Top Gun reference.

“Spain is sending four fighter jets to Bulgaria. Yes, Spanish fighter jets, you can see them in action film, Tapas Gun.

Ireland also sent aid as Russia was planning to hold war games off the coast of the country, but the country warned that the people and the games are not welcomed.

“Do not mess with the Irish! If you mess with my people, we’ll write a folk song about you!”

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