Trolled, Evelyn Sharma Defends Breastfeeding Post. Here’s What She Said.


  • Evelyn Sharma shared a photo of herself breastfeeding her daughter
  • She received a lot of negative comments from the people on social media
  • Now, Evelyn has strongly reacted to the trolling

New Delhi:

Evelyn Sharma recently shared a photo, in which, she is seen breastfeeding her daughter Ava Bhindi. She was mercilessly trolled for sharing the photo and now, she has reacted to being trolled. Many left comments like “what about baby’s privacy”, “Feed your child in private,” and “Ye bhi koi dikhane ki cheez hai (Is this something to show?).” Now, Evelyn Sharma, in an interview, said that she wants to share her journey as a new mother with her friends and fans. She also added that it’s important for her to keep her social media personal and not just a work profile. Later, Evelyn Sharma reacted to being trolled for sharing a breastfeeding photo and said that such photos show “vulnerability and strength at the same time”.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Evelyn Sharma said, “Such images show vulnerability and strength at the same time. I find it beautiful. Breastfeeding is one of the most natural and healthy things to do. And it really is why women have breasts in the first place. So why be shy about it?” Evelyn also said, “Breastfeeding is much tougher than people think. When you start out as a new mum, it is often physically and mentally exhausting, particularly cluster feeds. I shared my story to let mums out there know that they aren’t alone in this.”

Sharing the breastfeeding photo, Evelyn Sharma had written, “When you thought you finally established a routine and then she starts #clusterfeeding!! #smileforthecamera #thingsnoonewarnsyouabout #mummylife.”

Check out the breastfeeding photo that Evelyn Sharma shared:

Talking about her new role as a mother, Evelyn Sharma said, “There’s a statue in Mumbai that says, ‘A child gives birth to a mother’. I’ve passed by it almost daily and it left me confused every time. Now I understand what it means. Motherhood has changed my life forever.”

Before Evelyn Sharma, Neha Dhupia, Sikha Singh, Lisa Haydon, others have also shared breastfeeding photos on social media.

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