Adrien Brody From ‘Winning Time’ To ‘Succession’, Why He Likes To Mix It Up, And The Oscar Win He Didn’t Expect – The Actor’s Side


Adrien Brody is having a bountiful moment in his career right now with so many different projects it is difficult to list them all. Currently you can check him out in two HBO and HBOMax shows produced by Adam McKay and Kevin Messick. In Winning TIme: The Rise Of The Lakers Dynasty he plays Lakers coach Pat Riley, and in a guest spot earlier this season on Succession he craftily played Josh Aaronson in the episode “Lion In The Meadow” where he memorably goes head to head with Logan Roy and company and turns the tables on them in fascinating ways. He will be seen this Fall in Netflix’s fictionalized account of Marilyn Monroe in which he plays her husband Arthur Miller. He’s also upcoming in Searchlight’s See How They Run with Sam Rockwell, as well as  in the latest Wes Anderson comedy, Asteroid City, one of many collaborations with the filmmaker including last year’s The French Dispatch. He has Manodrome with Jesse Eisenberg, Ghosted  for Apple, Poker Face for Peacock and on and on. Recently IFC released the very indie movie Clean which he wrote and stars in. You can tell he’s been very busy. Brody joins me for this week’s episode of my Deadline video series, The Actor’s Side to talk about all of it, and more beginning with what it felt like to become the youngest person ever, at age 29,  to win the Best Actor Oscar for 2002’s The Pianist , a record he still holds. First check out his performances in both Winning TIme and Succession, and then click on the link above to watch our conversation as Adrien Brody gives us his ‘actor’s side’ of things.

Watch the Winning Time clip here:

Watch the Succession clip here:

Click on link at the top of the post for The Actor’s Side with Adrien Brody.

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