45 Really Disgusting (But Somehow Satisfying) Review Pictures And The Products That Lead To Them

The Hate Stains Co. is a small biz that was founded by a parent who set out to create a stain remover that was non-toxic but effective. 

Promising review: “I bought the smallest bottle because I wasn’t sure how good of a stain remover this product was, but I have to say that this little bottle of stain remover works like magic. I used it to take old dog urine stains off my white carpet, and it worked! What a surprise. I also took some other old, dark stains off the carpet with it that didn’t come off with other carpet cleaners. It works better than any of the other carpet cleaners that I have used, and now I will be trying it on some other items that are stained. I can’t say enough good things about this product.” —Diane Merritts

Promising review: “I’ve tried Shout wipes, stain removal pens, and all the other tricks in the book. This removes organic stains from sweat better than anything I’ve tried thus far. I followed the directions, got the fabric wet, sprayed it on, and left it to chill for an hour. When I came back, I was dumbfounded. I can’t believe I didn’t have this sooner, I’m about to buy a gallon!” —Mark Bogumil

Get it from Amazon for $10.10 (also available in packs of two or three, and with on-the-go wipes). 

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