Blumhouse Unveils New Motion Logo On ‘The Black Phone’

EXCLUSIVE: Blumhouse revealed a new motion logo this weekend on their new horror movie, The Black Phone, which overpowered in its 3-day debut to $23.6 million.

The new logo preceded the Scott Derrickson directed, produced and co-written film and it’s the studio’s first ever update to its motion logo.

The logo was created by design studio Elastic, by creative directors Neil Kellerhouse and Duncan Elms, in conjunction with Blumhouse CMO Karen Barragan.

“Our new logo is a fun tribute to our Blumhouse films and television series, and I’m curious to see if our fans can spot all the hidden symbols we’ve included throughout,” said Blumhouse CEO and Founder Jason Blum. “I’m thrilled we unveiled it with Scott Derrickson’s The Black Phone, so fans saw the new logo on the big screen.”

“The original Blumhouse logo holds a special place for horror fans like me, so we wanted to honor that legacy while creating something new. This new logo pays tribute to the original version and incorporates a lot of fun Easter eggs from Blumhouse films and TV series from the last decade that we think fans will enjoy the discovery,” said Blumhouse’s Barragan. “It was a fun collaboration with my friend Neil Kellerhouse, and the stellar team at Elastic, who brought their own fandom and ingenuity to the work.”

“It was an honor to work for such an iconic brand and to be able to reference and pay homage to all of the great movies and shows from their catalogue,” said Elastic’s Elms.

Added Kellerhouse, “I feel so grateful to have worked with all the extraordinary talent at Blumhouse and Elastic. The House of Blum is full of surprises. Keep watching.”

Those Easter eggs in the Blumhouse logo include iconic images from The Purge, Halloween and more.

Logo Credits include Elastic (Design studio), Elms and Kellerhouse (Creative Directors), Carlo Sa (designer); Alex Silver, Savva Tsekmes, Zack Citro, Alex Braddock (animators), Rachel Fowler (editor); Jose Limon, Joe Paniagua, Bryan Cox, Josh Dyer, Mike Bettinardi (CG), Andrew Young (Color Pipeline Management), Mitchell Fraser (Assistant Producer), Paul Makowski (Senior Producer), Zach Wakefield (Deputy Head of Production), Luke Colson (EP), Kate Berry (EP/Head of Production), and Jennifer Sofio Hall (Managing Director).

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