‘One Way’ Trailer: Colson “Machine Gun Kelly” Baker Is On The Run From A Menacing Crime Boss

Colson “Machine Gun Kelly” Baker is literally on the run through much of the opening seconds of the official trailer for the upcoming action-thriller One Way before he hops a bus on what may be a one-way ticket to redemption or palookaville.

“No wrong turn goes unpunished” is the punny tagline for the actioner that follows Freddy (Baker), who’s on the lamb with a bag full of cash and cocaine after a he steals from the crime boss he works for (Drea de Matteo) and it goes wrong.

With a potentially fatal wound, Freddy slips onto a bus headed into the California desert. His boss and her henchmen are hot on his heels even as his life is slipping through his fingers, leaving him with few choices to salvage what is left of his crime-ridden existence. In desperation, Freddy turns to his father (a mustachioed Kevin Bacon) for one last shot at redemption.

Baker (The Dirt), Travis Fimmel (Vikings) and Storm Reid (Euphoria) star opposite de Matteo and Bacon in One Way, which is directed by Andrew Baird (Zone 414) from a script by Ben Conway.

The film will be released in theaters, on digital and on demand by Saban Films and Paramount beginning September 2.

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