‘Mister Organ’ Trailer: ‘Tickled’ Filmmaker David Farrier Places Investigative Spotlight On Rogue New Zealand Wheel Clamper With Latest Doc Set For Fantastic Fest Debut

EXCLUSIVE: Deadline has an exclusive trailer for Mister Organ, the latest investigative doc from journalist and filmmaker David Farrier (Tickled), which is set to make its world premiere at Fantastic Fest this Saturday, September 24th.

Farrier once again explores the stranger side of life in Mister Organ, after becoming fascinated by the late-night antics of a rogue wheel clamper in New Zealand. When Jillian Bashford, the owner of the shop this wheel clamper patrols, denies knowing him, Farrier becomes even more intrigued by the mysterious figure.

The clamper is Michael Organ, and once he has a name, Farrier starts to learn more about Organ, finding he’s actually a convicted thief who once claimed to be royalty. At this point, Farrier finds Organ has set his sights on him, too — with both the wheel clamper and the antique store owner filing legal papers against him. As Farrier attempts to decipher what is going on with Organ and Bashford, he meets other victims moved in on by Organ in the past.

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Farrier then attends court with Organ and loses. Afterward, he sits down with this strange figure to talk about what the hell is going on, surprised when Bashford turns up too, seemingly happy and jovial. At this point, Organ pushes further into filmmaker Farrier’s life, revealing that he has a key to Farrier’s house. Instead of pulling away, Farrier becomes more curious, spending more and more time with Organ.

Organ tells Farrier that other mystery men are responsible for all the problems he’s encountered — like a stolen yacht — including the problems Farrier’s encountered personally, like having his key stolen. Organ insists that he is the good guy — a friend, not foe. As Farrier continues to meet more of Michael’s victims, he realizes that Organ is not only a master manipulator, but also inserts himself psychologically into people’s minds, and that he is inserting himself into Farrier’s.

Farrier produced the film, comprising a three-year investigation, alongside Emma Slade and Alex Reed, with Ant Timpson, Bobby Allen and Efe Cakarel serving as executive producers. International sales for Mister Organ are being handled by Submarine and UTA.

Farrier is perhaps best known for his first feature doc, Tickled, which debuted to critical acclaim at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, where it was picked up by HBO and Magnolia Films. The buzzy doc saw Farrier come to scrutinize a mysterious tickling competition he’d stumbled upon online. As he delved deeper he came up against fierce resistance, though that didn’t stop him from getting to the bottom of a story stranger than fiction. The filmmaker followed that film up with the HBO special, The Tickle King.

In 2018 he hosted and exec produced Dark Tourist, an eight-part Netflix Original documentary that saw him explore the ethically murky world of “dark tourism” around the globe. Farrier also co-hosts the monthly podcast Armchaired and Dangerous with Dax Shepard and Monica Padman, which explores conspiracy theory culture and reaches an estimated 20 million listeners under the Armchair Expert banner. Watch the trailer for Farrier’s latest feature by clicking above.

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