23 Things From Target That You’ll Love If You Take Spooky Season Very Seriously

During the Mexican War of Independence, Beatriz lost everything – but when she meets the wealthy Don Rodolfo Solâorzano, she sees a way out for herself, and a way to save her mother, as well. But the hacienda of which she becomes mistress has secrets and mysteries within its walls – as does her new husband. And as time goes on, it becomes clear that there’s something… else in the house, too.

Something that doesn’t want her there.

The Hacienda was one of my favorite reads this year – it kept me up long after my bedtime night after night, because I just needed to know what happened next. If you loved Rebecca or Mexican Gothic (or both!), The Hacienda might be right up your proverbial alley, too.

Price: $13.59

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