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Cine Project Announces Sharp NEC Double Projection at Berlin’s Zoo Palast – Boxoffice

Courtesy of Cine Project, copyright Jan Bitter

Just in time for the theatrical release of Avatar 2: The Way of Water, Cine Project is installing a double projection solution with Sharp NEC in the Zoo Palast cinema, home of the Berlin International Film Festival. Two NEC NC3541L RB laser projectors will be installed with a total light output of up to 70,000 lumen. While conventional 3D projection can only display the left and right image alternately, dual projection eliminates flickering and ghosting effects, as the image is naturally presented to both eyes at the same time. The technology also has the ability to show 3D in high frame rates and the low speckle technology prevents disturbing artifacts on the cinema’s highly reflective screen.

“We are delighted that we were able to win Hans-Joachim Flebbe’s cinema for this installation. We are convinced that the image quality will impress the visitors in the most positive way, as it did with us”, says Marcel Kober of Cine Project.

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