Varun Dhawan on his niece’s reaction after seeing him as Bhediya – Times of India

He’s been grabbing a lot of attention from his fans for his Bhediya act. Through his promotions too, the actor couldn’t stop himself from howling like a wolf, just like his character in the film. While he’s kept the audience engaged as a bhediya, back home too he’s got a reaction from his family member for his wild act.

Varun says, “Well, my niece has been getting very scared seeing the trailer and seeing me howl. She is way too small. She is just 3 years old.” While the actor sports a beard in the film, he’s currently done away with his stubble. Blaming it on his niece, Varun says laughingly, “I had to remove my beard because my niece was getting scared of me.”

With all the howling he’s done in the film and through the promotions, as he went places like Kolkata, Delhi among others to promote it, didn’t it hurt his vocal cord? “I am used to howling as I keep doing that while playing with Joey (pet dog) anyway (laughs),” he says.

Excited that the Amar Kaushik directorial, which is one of a kind as far its story and VFX is concerned, the actor is quite kicked about it. He signs off saying, “I am quite engaged with the promotions, because I feel this is the film I want to urge my fans to go and watch. This is the one! Finally, I have got that one film, which I feel I can’t tell people what to expect from it as it is quite a crazy venture.”

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