22 Funny and Trippy Movies to Watch on Netflix While You’re High

Let us paint a picture for you: it’s a Friday night, you have no desire to go out, and nothing sounds better to you than plopping on your couch, rolling up a joint, munching on food, and finding Netflix movies to watch high — but where do you start?

With hundreds of options streaming, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect movie to match your high. Lucky for you, we’ve found a plethora of films that are comedic, trippy, and truly fascinating to view under the influence of Mary Jane.

Whether you’re in the mood for a gut-busting action-comedy like “21 Jump Street” or “Coffee & Kareem,” or a trippy dramedy like “Dope,” “Lovebirds,” or “Dude.” Or better yet, a stoner classic like “Pineapple Express.” No matter what you’re looking for, these flicks up ahead are some of the best movies to watch high. So, grab your weed and get ready for a movie marathon like no other.

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