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Veteran film producer Kuljit Pal passed away on June 24 in Mumbai after suffering a heart attack. He was known for producing films like Arth, Aaj, Parmatma, Vaasna, Do Shikari and Ashiana. Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, who directed Arth, remembered Kuljit Pal after his demise.
“Kuljit Pal, whom I affectionately called Kuli, was a giver—a giant of a man with an extraordinary sense of humor. He would laugh at himself and the situations around him. If it weren’t for his impact on my life, I wouldn’t have been able to create my enduring classic Arth. Making Arth required a brave heart, and Kuljit was a brave man,” he told ETimes.
He further added, “It takes guts and audacity to stand by a director who has faced four flops and has been written off by the industry. Kuljit stuck by me through thick and thin, allowing me to make the film of my choice, cast the people of my choice, and, above all, preserve the unorthodox climax that gives the film its essence.”
Talking about how Kuljit supported him throughout his journey, Mahesh said, “It took nearly a year after we completed principal photography to find a producer who believed in the film, and that producer was Mr. Raj Chopra of Competent Movies. Such producers are rare to find. While everyone usually trusts a name with a string of hits, I had never encountered someone in my journey through life who supported me the way Kuljit did. He saw something in me, and that’s what made Arth possible.”
“So, in this moment, I express my gratitude to Kuljit and say thank you. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have experienced a resurrection and enjoyed a long and enduring career. Thank you, Kuljit. I also hope his daughter Anamika can face life without his glorious presence because he was her sunlight,” he concluded.
Back in 2013, Kuljit had locked horns with Mahesh for giving his consent to a Pakistani producer for the remake rights of their classic film Arth. Mahesh had explained that Pakistani superstar Shaan had approached him to seek his no-objection to remake Arth in Urdu language. He had also said that he had given his no-objection since he believed it will strengthen the Indo-Pak relations.

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