‘Love is Blind’ Season 5: Who got engaged?

They’re following their hearts … sight unseen. 

“Love is Blind” is back for Season 5. Now streaming on Netflix, the reality dating series, which premiered in 2020, follows couples as they date, fall in love and get engaged – all without laying eyes on each other until after they’ve decided to tie the knot. 

Over the previous four seasons, 20 couples have gotten engaged, but only 7 couples from past seasons are still together.

This season’s singles are from Houston, TX. 

In the first batch of episodes from Season 5, there was plenty of drama and surprises as the couples found each other, and either ditched the other, had dramatic falling outs or decided to get married. Here’s who got engaged. 

Spoilers ahead for the first 4 episodes of “Love is Blind” Season 5. 

Taylor, 26, a kindergarten teacher.
Monty Brinton/Netflix

JP and Taylor 

Jared “JP,” 32, a firefighter, and Taylor, 26, a teacher, were the first couple to agree to say “I do.”  

During their time in the infamous “pods” (the rooms in “Love is Blind” where singles “date” by talking to each other through a wall), he impressed her with tales about his job running into burning buildings. They discovered a surprising connection: he used to go to the same school where she currently teaches kindergarten. 

They bonded over having similar outlooks on life, since they both want to be married for a few years before having kids; because they agreed, that once kids come, it’s all about the kids. 

“I think we have similar values,” she said. “You’re sweet, and you’re kind of silly, I like that.” 

During their very first meeting, she said “Just propose now!” After she said, “I’m kidding,” he said, “I will.” He walked away declaring that she was The One. 

Taylor shared that she struggled with “loving myself” in the past. After she and JP laid eyes on each other, JP told her, “You’re really pretty,” and he commented that he feels like, “the luckiest man in the world.” 

Time will tell if he’ll still feel that way by the end of the show. 

Milton smiling.
Milton, a 25 year old petroleum engineer.
Monty Brinton/Netflix

Lydia and Milton 

Lydia, 32, a Puerto Rican geologist, agreed to marry Milton, 25, a petroleum engineer. Their time together wasn’t all smooth sailing. At first, Milton was excited that Lydia is a geologist, but she replied to his enthusiasm by saying, “You’re such a nerd!” 

She also wasn’t sure about their age difference, bemoaning that Milton is younger than her brother. 

But, ultimately, he won her over. Their age difference seems like it could be an ongoing source of conflict as the show moves forward into the phase where they vacation together, and meet each others’ families. 

Lydia also caused some drama elsewhere on the series because she knew fellow dater Uche, 34, a lawyer, in real life. When Uche was making a connection with Aaliyah, 29, an ICU travel nurse, Aaliyah ended up ditching Uche, leaving him alone in the pods. A message informed him that she’d decided to leave the experiment, effectively standing him up, right when he thought they might get engaged. It wasn’t entirely Lydia’s fault – since Aaliyah and Uche also had a conflict where she sobbed and felt like he judged her for cheating in a past relationship. Nevertheless, when Lydia talked to Aaliyah about him, that ended up being the nail in the coffin, preventing that duo from joining the ranks of engaged couples. 

Lydia smiling.
Lydia, a 32 year old Puerto Rican geologist.
Monty Brinton/Netflix

Izzy and Stacy 

Izzy, 31, who works in sales, and Stacy, 34, a director of operations, got engaged. Izzy was one of the most popular men on the show, wowing the ladies with his friendly personality and his expertise in dancing (since he said he was raised by his mom and aunts).

Izzy smiling.
Izzy, a 32 year old who works in sales, was popular with the ladies.
Monty Brinton/Netflix

He also had a connection with Johnie, 32, a lawyer, and for a while it seemed like Izzy and Johnie might head toward wedded bliss, until Izzy chose the more laid-back former college athlete Stacy, much to Johnie’s dismay.   

Stacy in Season 5
Izzy connected with both Johnie and Stacy, but chose Stacy, a 34 year old director of operations.
Monty Brinton/Netflix

As Izzy and Stacy move forward into going on a romantic vacation, meeting each others’ families, and planning their wedding, his recent connection with Johnie might be what threatens his relationship with Stacy. 

New episodes of “Love is Blind” premiere Fridays on Netflix. Episodes 5-7 will drop Sept. 29, episodes 8-9 will drop Oct. 6, and the wedding finale airs Oct. 10th. 

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