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‘Thor’ Chris Hemsworth, ‘Iron Man’ Robert Downey Jr Were On High Steroids To Remain Bulky During Iconic Marvel Roles? Expert Makes Bombshell Claims ABout ‘75% Use Of Performance Enhancing Drugs’

Did Chris Hemsworth And Robert Downey Jr Take Steroids To Bulk Up For Their Marvel Roles? ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Marvel fans have drooled over the jacked up bodies of Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans over the years. While there has always been a debate over whether their superhero bodies are for real, an expert has now shed light on the same claiming 75% of the Marvel stars use performance-enhancing drugs to flex those muscles. The expert Dr Todd Schroeder hails from the University of Southern California Clinical Exercise Research Center. Scroll down to know what he said about the Thor actor.

There are many articles on the Internet which talk about the strict diets of Marvel superheroes, while many MCU actors have not shied away from calling the process brutal. Chris Hemsworth, who plays the role of Thor, is probably the most jacked of them all.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Dr Todd Schroeder claimed, “I would say that 50 to 75 per cent [use performance enhancing drugs (PEDs)]. Nowadays, it’s kind of expected and, working under a doctor’s care, it’s really been accepted. A lot of actors won’t talk about it openly, but they will work with a physician as well as a nutritionist and a trainer, and it’s a team. It’s not smart for an actor to do that alone.” Further dropping a hint about the Marvel actors, Schroeder said, “The big thing is, you can take steroids, testosterone, different androgens, growth hormone for a short period of time without any lasting effects on the body. It’s not like you become addicted to it.”

Dr Todd Schroeder continued, “There’s long-term health concerns, but short-term, there really isn’t. So if you’re preparing for a role, and you’re going to get paid ten million dollars to look a certain way for a role? Then why wouldn’t you do it under a doctor’s care? Take some things that aren’t natural but will change your body to look the way they want it to look, and gets you the recognition?”

Schroeder further shared that maintaining a Marvel physique can be very challenging and with age it gets more tough. While talking about Robert Downey Jr., he said, “Especially as you get older. Like Robert Downey Jr., all the Iron Man [movies] he’s done, and some of them he’s gotten in really good shape for, but maintaining that is challenging. It’s a tough, tough world out there.”

The expert then also took Chris Hemsworth’s physique into consideration and thankfully gave him a clean chit. “No, he does not [use steroids].

Further talking about the Thor star, he added, “He’s always been in really good shape. His family, his genetics- they all, if they work out a little bit, they get in really good shape, and so he’s taken it to the next level. A lot of people say, ‘Oh, he does steroids, for sure.’ And my opinion? I would say, ‘No, he does not.’”

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