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MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Not Going To Face Any Charges Of ‘Public Obscenity’ After The K-Pop Idol Was Accused Of Getting Too S*nsual & Performing Subjective Moves At A University – Reports

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa’s Indecency Charges Dropped By Police After Being Accused Of Getting Too S*nsual & Performing Subjective Moves At A University (Picture Credit: Instagram)

It has been months since MAMAMOO’s Hwasa was embroiled in controversy following her performance at a university that led to a police complaint. While the K-pop star was seemingly unbothered by the same, her case went on for months till now as she has been acquitted of indecency charges. Scroll down to read the scoop and what led to Hwasa facing the backlash from an organization.

Hwasa is known not only for her tracks but also for her bold and fearless self. She began her musical career in 2014 with the group and has previously faced trolls and body-shaming comments and ticked them off like a boss.

In May earlier this year, MAMAMOO’s Hwasa performed at Sungkyungkwan University and fell into a controversy. While singing her solo track Don’t, she reportedly made some suggestive moves by touching herself and left many enraged. A student-parent organization filed a police complaint against the K-pop idol for obscenity. On the other hand, she received support from many concert-goers as they argued that the university crowd is primarily adults and many male bands have previously performed s*nsual routines without receiving any charges.

Now, after months, the case has come to its final decision as the police announced they did not transfer the case and instead dismissed it without any charges. As per Soompi, the Seongdong Police Station in Seoul released a statement in which they announced that they have dismissed all charges against MAMAMOO’s Hwasa. The announcement read, “In late September, we made a decision not to transfer MAMAMOO’s Hwasa, who was accused by the Student and Parents Human Rights Protection Coalition (KPA) on charges of public obscenity, resulting in no charges.”

It further continued, “After summoning Hwasa as a defendant, investigating the content and development process of the performance [of that day], and comprehensively reviewing the statements of those involved, [we found it] difficult to acknowledge the criminal charges.” Hwasa’s agency P Nation briefly responded, “We received relevant information and are currently checking it.”

Well, Hwasa took the controversy very lightly as after her performance at the university, she went on for a gig at Gangnam Style fame PSY’s Summer Swag Festival. As she took the stage, she said, “I was more worried about not being able to hit the high notes due to my sore throat than being accused.”

MAMAMOO is among the most popular girl bands in South Korea. The others are BLACKPINK, FIFTY FIFTY, Girls’ Generation and more.

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