Just 22 Affordable Toys To Buy Your Cat Because You Love Them More Than Anything In The World

Promising review: “YOU MUST BUY THIS RIGHT NOW. I heard about this product on a cat podcast (yes, I’m that type of cat mom) and this has helped my girl in so many ways. She’s a Siamese so she gets pretty chunky, and I work long days so I’m not there to supervise or give her regular meals. My cat also has the intelligence of a Petco goldfish so I was worried she would never be able to learn how to use it. On the very first night I filled the mice she started to understand that food came out when she picked them up by the tail. This has helped me and her so much; she isn’t bored at home, she isn’t overeating (and pooping), and she isn’t driving me wild in the middle of the night for more food. I love, love, love this product.” —Emi Kusak

And here’s more from BuzzFeed Shopping writer Mallory Mower!:

“I started a hunting system for my cats when I felt like they were getting lethargic. One of our cats was overweight because he would sit and eat the dry food left out when he was bored. With these he’ll ‘hunt,’ eat one, and not eat again until he’s ready to go hunting. I’ve written a full review on this clever feeding system before because I refuse to stop recommending it!”

Get it from Amazon for $14.96.

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