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Kundali Bhagya 21 January 2020 written update of full episode: Sarla visits Luthra house | Bollywood Life

In the last episode we saw that Mahira tells Karan that Preeta is trying to kill her. She says Preeta wants to stay married to Karan and if they don’t remain married, Preeta still wants the alimony. Karan and Rakhi are still doubtful if Preeta would really try to kill anyone. Sarla goes to the police station and begs them to release Preeta. She is confident that Preeta is innocent and says the police don’t have any proof. Rakhi also feels the police should not have arrested Preeta without any proof. Karan thinks Preeta has messed up the situation just when it was all getting better. Sarla decides to go to the Luthras and ask them to take back their complaint against Preeta.

Tonight’s episode begins with Kareena telling Karan that doctor has advised to keep Mahira in the hospital for 1-2 days. By that time Rakhee is talking to Ramona but Ramona collapses on the floor. Everyone gets shocked. Ramona tells them that she has forgotten her BP tablet at home. Karan asks her to go home as he will take care of Mahira. Kareena informs Sherlyn to come with them home. Meanwhile Preeta asks Shrishty to inform Karan that Sarla is coming to Luthra house so that he will handle the situation and she can get some help. Shrishty agrees to do the same as she also hopes that Karan will help them. Janki also assures Preeta that god will not let anything wrong with her. Shrishty calls Karan. But Karan enters Mahira’s room in the hospital so he doesn’t pick up the call. Mahira asks Karan to sit beside her on the bed. She does drama pretending that she loves him and she is tolerating all for him. Karan gets convinced that Mahira is innocent. He apologizes to her. Shrishty keeps calling Karan but the phone keeps ringing. Shrishty gets panic.

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Karan wonders to see Shrishty calling again and again. Mahira asks Karan to pick up the call as Preeta might be needing his help. But Karan disconnects the call which shocks Shrishty. Mahira worries but Karan assures to be with her only. Shrishty on the other hand gets panic as Karan doesn’t pick up her call. Janki tells her that Karan must not be willing to help them. Preeta on the other hand is worried. Shrishty comes there. She notices hope in Preeta’s eyes. Preeta asks her whether she spoke to Karan. Shrishty tells lie to Preeta saying that Karan is out of station but he has agreed to sort the issue which delights Preeta. Shrishty cannot control her emotions so she leaves from there. Preeta starts brooding and feels that everything will be fine. On the other hand Sarla is on the way to Luthra house. Bijee calls Sarla asking about Preeta. Sarla informs that she needs to talk to Luthra to get Preeta relieved. But Bijee feels that Luthras will not take the case back. Sarla worries as she knows that Mahira has tricked Preeta.

Bijee asks Sarla to do the best to get Preeta out of the jail. Meanwhile Shrishty breaks into tears as she lied to Preeta about Karan. Janki consoles her. Shrishty feels that Karan must be knowing everything and they will not take the case back easily. Janki boosts Shrishty’s confidence and asks her to be strong. On the other hand Sherlyn gives medicines to Dadi but Rakhee gets upset with her as Sherlyn gives the entire strip. But after a while Rakhee realises that she overreacted and apologizes to Sherlyn for her behaviour. She shares her tension as she doesn’t believe that Preeta pushed Mahira in front of the truck. Ramona gets upset with Rakhee for defending Preeta. By that time bell rings. Ramona feels that it might be Mahira on the door. She opens the door but finds Sarla on the door. Rakhee greets Sarla. But Kareena starts taunting Sarla as Sarla had decided not to enter Luthra house again. Sarla gets into tears. She tells Dadi that Preeta came to treat Dadi on just one phone call.

Sarla gets emotional as Preeta is arrested. Shelyn intervenes. She tells Sarla that she has seen Preeta pushing Mahira in front of the truck. Sarla gets upset with Sherlyn but Kareena starts arguing with Sarla. Rakhee tries to stop her but Kareena taunts Rakhee too for always supporting Aroras. Will Karan and Rakhee support Preeta? Stay tuned to find out.

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